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LadyBoss Big Fat Lies Book

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What If Everything You’ve Been Told About 

Losing Weight Is A BIG, FAT, LIE? 

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How Everything You've Been Told About Losing Weight Is Full Of Lies And The TRUTH That Helped Me Lose 65 Pounds Without Giving Up Pizza And Ice Cream...

"I've tried everything for weight loss! It wasn't until watching Kaelin that I finally understood what I was missing!" - Angeline Wiersema
"Kaelin and her program literally saved my life. Don't give up ladies!" - Nikki Nelson
"The LadyBoss program truly motivated me and changed the way I see myself!" - Allicia Anne Brown

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BIG FAT LIES Will Help You To...
  • Empower Yourself to Take Charge of Your Own Story! 
  • Learn The TRUTH About How To Lose Weight
  • Understand The LIES You've Been Told
  • Become Part of the Greatest Family of Inspired Women on the Planet!
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  • Start Your Own Weight Loss Story!
From: Kaelin Tuell Poulin
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Everything you've been told about weight loss is a BIG. FAT. LIE.

I know what you're thinking. Who does this girl think she is? I get it. You've tried everything to lose weight, haven't you? 

How do I know? I've been there, too, and done all that. And none of it worked. 

In fact, just a couple years ago, I was 65 pounds overweight and by a doctors standards considered clinically obese!!
Can you imagine what would happen if you actually knew the TRUTH? 
Since losing my own weight and breaking a fitness world record, I have dedicated my life to helping women just like YOU lose the weight forever...

In the process of helping now over 170,000+ women, I've realized that 99% of women just feel stuck. They've been lied to and taken advantage of by weight loss companies for too long. They just need something REAL. Someone REAL that they can trust...
  • ​What if I told you carbs ARE NOT bad for you? 
  • ​What if I told you that you need to eat fat to burn fat? 
  • ​What if I told you that there's a way to exercise that burns fat for the next 3 days while you sit on the couch? 
  • ​What if I told you that calorie counting is a MYTH and that you can lose weight by eating MORE? 
When you get your FREE copy of "Big Fat Lies" you will learn the truth behind all of these concepts and MUCH MUCH MORE....


If You're Sick And Tired Of All The Hype, Scams And Claims You See Online Lately, Then Read These Amazing Success Stories From Actual, Real Women In Our Community...


"I thought it was normal to feel the way that I did..."
"I have been a part of the LadyBoss Weight Loss program for 11 months now. My life has changed so much, more than I ever thought it was capable of. When I started I was 185 pounds… last time I weighed myself… I was 128. I’ve lost like 59 pounds. It’s been amazing. I started at a size 16 or 18, and right now I’m at a 3 or 4. It’s just drastically changed my body. The most important thing for me that I’ve taken away from the program is more than it changing my body, it really has just changed my mind."
Results May Vary
"I've also learned to love working out..."
"It really has just changed how I think about myself, my self esteem, self confidence, self love. That’s something I really didn’t know was a problem…. I thought it was normal to feel the way that I did. This program has taught me so much about myself and how to love and respect myself. I’ve also learned how much stronger I am than I gave myself credit for. I've learned to love working out and seen my body grow and get stronger. It’s amazing to see how much I’m capable of doing!…. Losing weight and getting healthy has translated to the rest of my life…. I’m not sitting there in pain from eating a whole large pizza…. [Even my husband] has lost 30 pounds on his own just from watching Kaelin…. I’m happier and I just have more energy…. It’s just improved my all around quality of life.” 


"It's amazing to see how much I'm capable of doing!!"

I started binge eating when I was 5 or 6 years old."
“I have lost 69 pounds and a ton of inches! I have gained so much more intangible things than I have lost. I have confidence that I have never had before…. I have self love. I have respect for myself…. I’ve gained the ability to make better choices for myself to know, to be aware of what my bad habits were, what was holding me back. To have that breakthrough is so much more valuable to me than just the weight loss. I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. I’m 33 years old. It started for me as a young child. I started binge eating when I was 5 or 6 years old. A lot of us have bullies in our lives…. And we tend to believe those things…. That carried on throughout my whole life…. I’ve never experienced what self love was or how to take care of yourself…. My weight has gone up and down my whole life, mostly up…. I’ve spent tons of money on a personal trainer…. There was even a couple of years… where I had an eating disorder. I was bingeing and purging…. [Later on] during my pregnancy I gained 92 pounds. I’m 5’2.”… I was 214 pounds. My mental health and physical health were very poor…. I always had this food addiction. 
Results May Vary
"I had gained about 70 pounds in a year..."
And so whenever something wasn’t going right in my life I always turned to food…. I had gained about 70 pounds in a year…. I remember closing my eyes when the doctor weighed me…. My attitude was terrible. And it was all a reflection of how I was feeling about myself inside…. I had completely hit rock bottom. None of my clothes fit me…. I wanted to join LadyBoss but I wanted to know what it was first. I didn’t want to join some other gimmick that I was just going to fail at and waste my money on…. I knew from watching all that: this is legit…. These were the tools I needed…. I joined LadyBoss and I never looked back…. I’ve gained the ability to make those better choices…. No other program has given me that kind of success…. It’s the best program…. It saved my life!… I thank God everyday for bringing me to LadyBoss!”


"I’ve gained the ability to make those better choices…. No other program has given me that kind of success…"

"I can't get lower than 170..."
“I have always struggled with weight. I’ve always been a big girl. By 5th grade I was already wearing Junior clothes…. My biggest regret would have to be not doing a sport…. Senior year I decided I wanted to join the military. So I walked into the recruiter’s office and he asked what my weight was. And I did not know what my weight was…. I never had to weigh in for anything. I kinda gave him a rough estimate…. But it came out to be 47% body fat…. That was a huge eye opener for me…. I was 201 pounds at 5’4”…. My whole entire military career I never once passed weight…. I have tried it all. Obviously I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to fitness so when the whole weight loss, I gained most of it back. I have struggled with my weight roughly between 160 and 170 I cannot get any lower than that…. I have tried it all. I hit my lowest a couple of months ago…. That’s when I had depression really bad…. I would forget to eat, that was how depressed I was…. I gained the weight back…. I can’t get lower than 170…. 
"I weighed in this morning and guess what? I weigh 159!"
I got tired of it. I was like ‘I can’t do this any more.’… [I tried a personal trainer] who charges for two days a week charges $200 dollars!… ‘I can’t afford that! There’s nothing for me!’… I came across the LadyBoss [Lifestyle] and I was inspired by her because she was at my weight…. And she looked like me too…. I got involved with it and… it has changed my life. I can’t do this myself…. This literally does it all for me…. What else could you ask for?… I passed my PT [Physical Training] test with flying colors! I was doing her workouts… and I am super amazed…. When I started this program my neck was 12 inches. My waist was 31 inches. My hips were 41 inches. Now I’m at 14 inches, 28 inches on my waist, and I’m at 39 inches on my hips. I weighed in this morning and guess what, I weigh 159!… And I am super duper excited about this program because I have only been in this program for a month…. I’m not only losing weight but I’m gaining muscle!… This has completely changed my life in every aspect!” 


"This has completely changed my life in every way!!"