LADYBOSS Trainer App - Pocket Trainer

LADYBOSS Trainer App - Pocket Trainer

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The LadyBoss Trainer App will help you get started today for FREE



  • 24/7 Pocket personal trainer web app
  • Hundreds of step by step tutorial videos
  • Dozens of fat burning workouts at home and in the gym
  • New workouts updated EVERY WEEK!


  • New grocery list with meal plan updated every week
  • Hundreds of healthy recipes with cooking tutorial videos
  • 60+ restaurant healthy out to eat menus 


  • Member only exclusive accountability group
  • Member only swag merchandise drops
  • Member only monthly prize packages
  • Lifelong LadyBoss friendships

Lifestyle Checklist: After your Lifestyle Kickoff you will simply aim to complete your Lifestyle Checklist each day. It's okay, you won't be perfect everyday. But you will simply focus on winning 1 day at a time :)

Complete Meal Plan Updated Every Week: Exactly what to eat and when to eat it. We keep it simple and full of variety. You DO NOT have to be a Master Chef to do this ;)

Matching Grocery List Updated Every Week: An exact categorized checklist to fulfill your meal plan at your local Walmart or Aldi. The average LadyBoss only spends $55 a week for 21 meals and 14 snacks.

Exclusive Abs Training Section: Focused solely on toning and tightening your core. Say goodbye belly!

Complete Healthy Recipe Database of over 300 AMAZING yet SIMPLE Recipes and counting: You won't believe how good healthy can taste. No culinary arts degree required ;)

12 Fat Melting Cardio Programs: These hyper focused, easy to do, fat burning cardio plans will keep your heart rate in the perfect fat burning zone.

A NEW Workout Plan EVERYDAY: Never have to think about what to do in the gym again. Just pull out your phone and GO!

Tutorial Video for EVERY Exercise On Your Plan: New to the gym? Learn the BEST techniques from a fitness pro. You'll be teaching your boyfriends in no time ;)

Fit 101 "Fitness Shortcuts" Video Series: Lay the foundation for your new healthy lifestyle. Together we dispell the myths and expose the TRUTH.

Dozens Of At-Home-Workouts: No Gym Membership? No time? No Problem. You can get the same results from home!

Out To Eat Guide With Over 60+ Restaurants: Who said you have to give up going out to eat to lose weight? Now you will go out to eat prepared!

Quick Meals Healthy Library: My GO TO for quick, easy, healthy meals prepared in 10 minutes or less. For those that don't have the time to spend in the kitchen. These are my favorites!

Lifelong LadyBoss Friendships: Over 60,000 women have joined LadyBoss since it's creation 2 years ago. You will get to connect with women all over the world who are on the same journey you are!

Member Only Exclusive Accountability Group: In the heartbeat of the LadyBoss community, you will get to engage with over 25,000 women who actively participate to help motivate, encourage, and inspire each other!

Member Only Swag Merchandise Drops: Only LadyBoss members get to participate in the Limited Edition LadyBoss clothing line drops that are done on a regular basis!

Member Only Monthly Prize Packages - Each month 1 hardworking LadyBoss is selected for the coveted title of LadyBoss Of The Month! The LadyBoss of the month receives a $500 cash prize along with a LBOTM Winner only T-Shirt!