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  • 103 Page Step-By-Step Day-By-Day Playbook: Beautifully designed and simple to use. Get your Delicious Recipes, see your simple After-burn At Home Workouts, track your progress and take notes on how you feel each day. The 4 Dimensions of the LadyBoss Lifestyle make it FUN to lose the weight!
  • It's ALL waiting for you when you simply turn the page in your Challenge Playbook. No complicated plans, boring checklists, or hard to understand guidelines. Your Challenge Playbook is your weight loss simplified for the average women who doesn't have the time to "figure everything out" and just wants it clean and simple.
  • Cute & Easy Challenge Roadmap & 28 Day Calendar: Print it out and magnet it to your fridge to help yourself stay accountable and easily see what your ONE simple mission is for each of the 28 days so you can stay motivated and not get overwhelmed at any point.

  • Burn Fat For DAYS After Your Quick Simple Home Workout: Tap into the AfterBurn Effect (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption or EPOC) by doing fun & simple workouts that are easy to adjust no matter what your current skill level... ALL from the COMFORT of your home!
  • No Equipment Need, No Gym Membership Required, & No Boring Allowed! As you go through your 28 Day Challenge LIVE with other LadyBosses, you will gradually ascend through the AfterBurn At Home workouts and start to see massive progress without getting bored! You will even have the option to do some of them LIVE along with your Challenge Coach on Facebook!
  • Tone Up & Fit Better In Your Clothes: Each workout was hand crafted to sculpt lean muscle in all the right places! It's time to get rid of the wiggles and jiggles and start building the confidence and bikini body you've always wanted.

  • Recipes So Delicious You Won't Believe They're Healthy: You DON'T have to give up everything you love to lose weight. Recipes like Portabella Pizza, Peach Cobbler Oatmeal, and Breakfast Banana Split will blow your mind. Trust us...you're going to be fending off your kids from these delicious goods.
  • Meals & Snacks Easy To Make In Minutes: No professional chef degree required! It's all about have the GOOD Carbs and the GOOD Fats that will actually make the weight melt off.
  • Complete Grocery Lists With Everyday Ingredients: No crazy, expensive, or complicated ingredients. Take your simple grocery list to your local Wal-Mart or Aldi and you'll have yummy waist slimming meals to eat in no time.
  • COOKING TUTORIAL VIDEO FOR EVERY RECIPE: This is so epic it needs to be all caps! We hired a professional film crew to film an "Instagram style" 30 second video for every recipe showing you EXACTLY how to make it. With the simplicity and clarity of your Challenge Meal Plan you will be a pro healthy chef in 30 seconds!

  • LIVE Coaching From Certified Experts: Our professional coaching staff combined holds more than 200 professional certifications. There isn't a more passionate, more qualified group of women on the planet. They are all here to support you during the Challenge... LIVE!
  • Daily Support & Help From Women Who LIVE IT: Imagine getting hand picked tips, strategies, and tactics specific to you and your challenge mission each and every day to hold you accountable to finally make this happen!
  • LIVE "Hold You By The Hand" Help: Your Challenge Coaches will be LIVE everyday in your Private Accountability Group to walk you through your Challenge Playbook to make sure you never feel alone during your Challenge.

  • Private Facebook Virtual Accountability Group: Get the support, motivation, and encouragement you NEED. You will get a welcome text right when your LIVE Challenge Squad Group opens and meet all the ladies doing the LIVE Challenge with you!
  • Stop Trying To Do This Alone: Have you ever felt like those around you are trying to tear you down from reaching your goal? Thats why you will get real time support from our Coaching Staff and other LadyBosses just like you.


If you start the LIVE Challenge and you feel like it didn’t help you or you didn’t get the results you want, we will give you your $1 back! I know it seems silly (because it is) but we think its only fair that you get your money back, even if it’s only the tiny investment of $1.
Either you get results or you get your money back! 


LadyBoss Live 28 Day Challenge FAQ

  • What is the LIVE Challenge?

    The 28 Day Weightloss Challenge is a bridge to the LadyBoss Lifestyle. The LIVE Challenge will walk you through each of The 4 Dimensions of the LadyBoss Lifestyle to help you build the foundation you need. All LIVE Challenge Group Members will go through the process together as a Squad!

    Kaelin and our team of Certified Personal Results Coaches will be leading the group together. This is a great opportunity to interact with the Personal Results Coaching team and get some of your questions answered in real time!!

    You will be given all the tools needed to walk you through the 28 Day LIVE Challenge. Each week has a Mission. The Mission is to fulfill the purpose of each of The 4 Dimensions; STATE, SUBSTANCE, SHAPE, and SPARKLE.

    Each Dimension has 2 daily Actions that are reviewed in the Daily Dose LIVE video with one of the Certified Personal Results Coaches. You will get tips on how to implement these Actions into your routine AND the opportunity to have your questions answered LIVE!

    Your Playbook has all of the daily Actions, workouts, meals, and information needed throughout the LIVE Challenge. You will track your progress and points on the Challenge Roadmap.

    At the end of each week, there is a Weekly Checkpoint where you will record your points and 28 Day LIVE Challenge experience. When you complete the final checkpoint, you will be awarded your Challenger Status: Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum! We will announce the winner of the LIVE Challenge in the LadyBoss Community page after your Live Challenge Group has closed.


  • What time is the daily dose?

    The Daily Dose with Kaelin or one of our Certified Personal Results Coaches will be LIVE at 10 am EST/ 9 CT/ 8 MST/ 7 PT. Participating in the LIVE Daily Dose gives you the best experience, but if you can’t make it to the session, NO WORRIES. Once the LIVE session is done, it will be posted in the Learning section so you can access it until the end of the Challenge. After the 28 Days, the group closes and all exclusive Challenge Content disappears.


  • What if I get behind or am on vacation during the LIVE Challenge?

    We know that following the 28 Day Weightloss Challenge Playbook will get you the results you want. But NO WORRIES! You can complete each unit at your own pace! Just remember, when the group closes at the end of The Challenge you will lose access to the remaining units so make sure to check back on the group every morning.

    If the next LIVE Challenge start date doesn’t work for you, don’t worry! We have a new LIVE Challenge group opening every 2 weeks. You can wait and visit the link below when ready, or to make sure you get enrolled for the challenge dates that work best for you, just email support@ladyboss.com and they will let you know what date enrollment opens and you can set a Calendar reminder so you don’t miss it! <3


    Enrollment will only be open for a limited time for each group so make sure to set your notifications accordingly 😉


  • Can we invite non-LB’s to join the LIVE Challenge?

    Absolutely! The LIVE Challenge is open for anyone needing a kickstart, reboot, or a change of pace in their routine. Invite your sisters, cousins, aunts, or coworkers!! Think of at least 5 women you know that want a happier, healthier life and send them this quick text:

    “Hey _____! So I just signed up for the 28 Day Weightloss Challenge and I’m challenging you to do it with me 🙂 Here’s the info: https://ladyboss.com/challenge”


  • What happens after 28 days?

    The Mission of the 28 Day Weightloss Challenge is to help you establish the foundation needed to successfully live the LadyBoss Lifestyle. After you complete the LIVE Challenge you will be ready to crush your goals and join your Squad Sisters in the LadyBoss Community <3
  • Does the LIVE Challenge come with access to the trainer?

    Nope! The 28 Day Weightloss Challenge is a completely separate program from the LadyBoss Lifestyle!

    The LadyBoss Lifestyle is access to the LadyBoss Trainer with weekly updated exercises, grocery lists, meal plans, etc.

    The 28 Day Weightloss Challenge is a bridge to the LadyBoss Lifestyle.
    The LIVE Challenge will walk you through each of The 4 Dimensions of the LadyBoss Lifestyle to help you build the foundation you need. NO WORRIES, you will receive everything you need in your LIVE Challenge Playbook.

    The 28 Day Weightloss Challenge is perfect for ALL LadyBosses, whether you’re a long time member or you just got started <3 The LIVE Challenge is a unique opportunity to jumpstart your journey, kickoff your confidence, and reignite your motivation to make this happen.


  • Do I need a gym or any equipment for the LIVE Challenge workouts?

    No, you do not need any equipment or a gym membership to complete your LIVE Challenge Afterburn At Home Workout Plan. Everything can be done at home no matter what your fitness level or experience!


  • What is the difference between the LIVE Challenge and Personal Results Coaching?

    The LadyBoss 28 Day Weightloss Challenge is for everyone! Think of it this way.... it is a HYPER FOCUS on The 4 and really creating an incredibly strong foundation by starting with the basics of The 4 Dimensions of the LadyBoss Lifestyle.

    So, if you are struggling to get started, have fallen off the wagon and need to get back on, or if you are already a LadyBoss and struggle to get 4 points on The 4 each day, this is for you!

    You will see one of the Certified LadyBoss Personal Results Coaches go live each day to help you have the hyperfocus you need, but unlike Personal Results Coaching, you won’t be creating the meaningful one-on-one relationship with a coach and she won’t be holding you accountable for your Actions, but you will be doing that with the help of the Roadmap, Playbook, and Weekly Checkpoints.

    It’s kinda like having a little taste of what it is like to have a coach in your life! If you want to get the top tier of support and have your very own Personal Results Coach to work with you 1 on 1 every day you can apply for the Personal Results Coaching Program here: https://ladyboss.com/coaching


  • What is a Challenge Champion?

    At the end of each LadyBoss LIVE Challenge, each challenger will have the opportunity to “Enter To Win” the exclusive, highly coveted title of Challenge Champion! Candidates submit their story (including details, pictures, videos, etc) AND their Live Challenge Transformation and/or breakthrough.

    The members of each Live Challenge Squad will vote for their favorite entry and the candidate with the most votes wins the grand CASH prize and elite champ status 😉

    To become the LIVE Challenge Champion, you will record your daily points from each daily focus and record them in your Weekly Checkpoints. At the end of the 28 Day LIVE Challenge, you will submit your Final Checkpoint to see overall points and have the chance to submit your story (including photos/videos) and your LIVE Challenge Transformation/Breakthrough.

    Then, all Squad members will vote for their favorite submission. The winner will be announced.

    To keep things fair in the squad, Challenge Champion can only be won 1 time within a year.


  • Do I need to purchase LABS for the LIVE Challenge?

    LABS are not required for the LIVE Challenge but LEAN or any vanilla protein powder is required to fully complete the Challenge and earn Platinum Challenger Status.